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Iron Man

Iron Man

F) Rm30/Gd10
A) Rm30/Ty6
S) Am50/Gd10
E) Un100/Gd10
R) In40
I) Ex20
P) Ty6

Health: 210/36 Karma: 66
Resources: Ty Pop: 35

Known Powers:
None, all powers are dervied from the Iron Man Armor.

Iron Man Armor: It is unknown who is in the Iron Man armor, but it's assumed that Tony Stark is inside. Has the following powers:
-Alter-Ego: Stats are changed as above
-Anti-Theft Device: Attempts to copy or dismantle the suit causes it to detonate in 2 rounds for In damage to all in 1 area.
-Body Armor: CL1000 material, Iron Man's armor is now made from S.K.I.N, which is nearly as tough and durable as Adamantium.
-ECM: The armor has Rm invisibility to radar and sonar.
-Electro-Magnetic Pulse: The EMP shuts down all electrical devices (and all but Iron Man's life support/sensors) in 1 area for 6 minutes.
-Energy Absorbtion: He can absorb up to 300 points of energy for weapons systems, raising them to Mn for 1 round. He can absorb incoming attacks on a yellow feat or better (Un column)
-Flight: Ex speed, 50 areas/round
-Force Field: He can cancel all power to weapons to feed this power for Mn protection.
-Magnetism: Magnetically control metal items at In ability.
-Plasma Bolts: Un Force, 15 areas
-Protected Senses: Rm protection vs. Sound and Light. Blindness only lasts 1 round max.
-Repulsor Rays: Am Force, 10 areas.
-Sensors: In radar/sonar/electrical systems to detect objects, radio waves, etc.
-Uni-Beams: Chest beam has a 3 area range for all effects.
~~Heat Beam: In
~~ Laser: Am
~~Light Beam: Rm
~~Tractor Beam: Rm
~~Holographic Projector: Gd
-Sonic Array: In sonics, 10 areas

Talents: Bionics, Buisiness, Cybernetics, Electronics, Engineiring, Weapon Design.

Contacts: Weapon X