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Ibis The Invincible bio

Powerful magician!


The evil Black Pharaoh imprisoned Prince Amentep by the 12th Dynasty of the ancient Egypt. This was more than 4,000 years ago.

Prince Amentep was also known as Ibis, in honor of the sacred bird of the Black Land. The Black Pharaoh was his greatest enemy back then. This is the beginning of the story of a great character published by Fawcett Comics back, in 1940, in the very famous Whiz Comics # 2, the very same issue which portrayed the debut of the World's Mightiest Mortal, Captain Marvel.

But, continuing with the story, Prince Amentep was a sorceror by his own right, although it was evident that he wasn't up to the challenge against this particular vicious attack, on behalf of his enemy. During his imprisonment, a relative of the Prince, manages to give him the Ibistick, a powerful magical wand which can control any object or create anything his user wishes. With this object, the Prince manages to escape, and creating a sword and a shield, and finishes his enemy. During the heat of the battle, Princess Taia of Thebes was slain by a coming arrow.

Pained beyond anything imaginable, Ibis casts a powerful spell that makes Taia to sleep for the next 40 centuries, and wanting to resurrect with his beloved Taia, Prince Amentep casts the spell over him to sleep as well.

During the 1940's, Ibis the Invincible, resurrects from the mummy wraps that were placed on him for his terrible trance in the Egyptian exhibition of an American Museum, but he realizes that he has been separated from her beloved.

Taia is in Europe, displayed in another Museum, Ibis reaches her and awakens the beautiful princess. The powerful couple reunites and begin a quest for justice battling mystical enemies that jeopardizes the peace of the world. Both heroes join the powerful Squadron of Justice.

In his pre-Crisis appearances, Ibis appeared at least in 155 issues of Whiz Comics, but he also appeared in several titles of the Fawcett line.

He made the change to the post-Crisis continuity with success. Also Taia made an appearance (his first appearance post-Crisis was on The Power of Shazam! graphic novel by Jerry Ordway), this time, the powerful mage reappears helping the Marvel Family and the wizard Shazam in a terrible battle at the Rock of Eternity, against Black Adam and Blaze (the old Wizard's daughter).

Ibis remains as a constant in the series, even helping Tawky Tawny in remain in his 'humanized' form. When the Genesis crisis strikes, Ibis is one of the many beings affected, he even explains Billy and Mary that this crisis has affected his powers due the lack of faith in the sources of his powers.

After this crisis is over, Ibis remains at the Rock of Eternity taking the place of the wizard Shazam. He even helps a lot avoiding the destruction of Fawcett City and other suburbs near Fairfield after the destruction of this town by Mr. Atom (who was sent to destroy this place to kill the Marvel Family), this feat leaves Ibis The Invincible exhausted.

Some time later, the Marvel Family suffered a terrible accident. Trying to help them, Tawky and Dudley travel to the Rock of Eternity to seek guidance. Ibis calms them by assuring that Billy will have a long future as the wielder of the power of Shazam, and even using the Historama shows Billy as mentor of Thunder, the future wielder of the power of Shazam. Billy attempts to stop them into trying to travel to the future, both, Tawky and Dudley do this, bringing back Black Adam to

Mystic Sorceror of Egypt!

the present, and, so far, successfully, since they brought with them a heroic Adam, who helps to resolve the crisis caused by the accident of the Marvel Family.

Curiously enough, in the DCU, is apparent that ancient Egypt is the main source of powerful mystical beings, such as Dr. Fate, the mystical scarab of power that gave Dan Garrett the identity of the first Blue Beetle, etc., as well, some other characters linked to Egypt, such as the very same Marvel Family, Ibis and Taia, the Hawkmen, etc.

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