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Hoppy The Marvel Bunny Bio

The World's Mightiest Bunny!


Captain Marvel has an 'alternate furry' version of himself in Hoppy, The Marvel Bunny, who first appeared in Funny Animals # 1 in 1942, who wears an identical costume as the one Captain Marvel uses, the sources of his powers: Salamander, Hogules, Antlers, Zebreus, Abalone and Monkury.

He lives in Funny Animal Land, beyond Planet Carrot, in the tiny Animalville, and where all the animals live in relative harmony, even though, the predatory animals are the often, villains, which the powerful Marvel Bunny combat. His inspiration came from reading Captain Marvel's comics (!) after a bully tried to kidnap his girlfriend, Millie bunny, of course, he frees her and ever since, both characters share a good amount of adventures.

Amazing as this could sound, Hoppy has already made the jump to post-Crisis continuity, being presented first, as an alternative version of the same Captain Marvel, and later, is properly introduced in The Power of Shazam! # 29.

At Mary's and Billy's birthday party, Bill falls inside the magic hat of a magician acting in his party, over there, Billy realizes he has arrived to a world where talking rabbits are common (even the buildings, and the whole world, seemed more cartoon-esque). While falling, Billy shouts "Shazam!" and is transformed in Captain Marvel, but the magic lightning falls over Hoppy and transforms him into the Marvel Bunny, both share a brief adventure, but The World's Mightiest Mortal has to go, when the portal that brought him over there is fast closing, since the magic lightning set in fire the hat of the magician, Billy opens his eyes, and finds himself wondering if everything was true or not... but we know better, since Hoppy promises to use his powers for the good of all Planet Carrot.

Back to the period when Hoppy was created, by the way, by cartoonist Chad Grothkopf, who was working since the 30's in comic books and strips. Hoppy appeared in his own magazine as the star until year 1953, the last year Fawcett published comics, and was sold to Charlton Comics. The new publisher changed his name into Magic Bunny, even the lightning bolt insignia was removed, the former Marvel Bunny was now part of the wide array of funny animals of Charlton, such as Atomic Bunny, Atom the Cat, Atomic Mouse, etc. Charlton didn't make it better, and by 1956, Funny Animals was cancelled.

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