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Weeping Gorilla Quotes

Issues 1-25
a listing of all quotes attributed to the Weeping Gorilla
Citations are as follows

Thanks to hermes for correcting a few mistakes on this page

01:05;1 Choke. Modern life makes me feel so alone (Comix cover)
01:16;1 Go on, ask me about my marriage.

02:01;1 I have some unresolved childhood issues (T shirt)
03:05;4 I can't believe they fired me (Billboard)
03:16;1 She gets the kids and the house. I get the car
03:16;2 I guess people change
03:16;3 Everyone said I should get Windows 95
03:17;1 Why do pets have to die?
03:17;1 I like country music. It tells the truth
03:17;3 Some days are better than others
03:17;4 What do you mean you need more space?
03:17;5 The garage thinks it's the clutch
03:17;6 I hate my body
03:18;1 Can we hear that Radiohead track just once more?
03:18;2 If I only understood what women wanted...
06:01;3 This should have been my time (watchface)
06:22;4 Yes, I'm in telemarketing sales... (Billboard)
07:01;1 We probably expect too much of George Lucas... (Billboard)
09:01;1 Chucklin' Duck Quote Heh heh! I got out of internet trading just in time! (Poster) NOTE: I assume Chucklin' Duck is the flip side of Weeping Gorilla. This is the only quote I can find by him.
09:08;1 I guess all the Waltons must be dead by now (Billboard)
10:01;1 Who remaindered the book of love? (Billboard)
10:24;5Commitment?uh...yeah..that sounds great (Billboard)
11:04;2 I mean,"Forty." It's just a number, after all... (Billboard)
11:17;3 I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. This is all my fault
14:24;5 Sometimes I hurt myself (Poster)
15:24;1 Well, no. I didn't vote for him either...(Billboard)
16:03;3-5 Why can't everybody just, y'know, get along? (Billboard)
18:01;3 Why are you so bitter? (Billboard)
Book Three Back Page: Oh, man, that was deep. -
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19:02;2 Then I told the protestor, "yeah", the fur's real. so What?" (Billboard)
21:01;1 Why is there spinach? (T-shirt)
23:28;2 Tony the tiger looks...different. (Billboard)
24:3;3 What hurt me most, though, was the pain (Billboard)
25:5;5 Both sides have their good points (thought bubble)
25:8;5Why do good things happen to bad people (thought bubble)
25:20;3 There's always Somet(hing?) (poster on Stacia's bedroom door) also partly visible on

Both Weeping Gorilla and Chucklin Duck can be found in side by side single panels in the Greyshirt Indigo Sunset series of which the first six have been collected as a trade paperback(they are not scripted by Moore but by Rick Veitch) and there is also a nice cameo of a Weeping Gorilla Comix in the Leah Moore scripted story illustrated by Sergio Aragones "King Solomon Pines" which can be found in Tom Strong's Terrific Tales #5
Why do I have to be the Funny one?

Last Updated 7 March 2003