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Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series

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Hi all.. long time no update I know. Unfortunatly I am very busy with school and work and dont think I will be able to update again for a super long time.. so I have decided to allow someone else to host my creations on their site. I dont want anything but my name on them in return. So if you have a website and would like to carry my skins please contact me via email and I will check out all the sites and see whose I like best. All request need to be in by 8-31-04 so I can make my decision by mid september. Thank you everyone for visiting my site. I appreciate it! (^_^)


'Ello, 'ello!!! I have a big surprise for all you Laurell K. Hamilton fans out there!! Today I update with charactors from her Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Series!! There is Anita, Jean Claude, Phillip, and little Nikolaus from the first book Guilty Pleasures!!! Enjoy... and keep tuned for updates with more charactors from all the books!


Fixed the link error! You can know actually get to ~Female Headz 5~ by following the link. Sorry.. thanks to Dragan for pointing the problem out!


Whazzzzup!!! No I'm not dead! I've just been busy... but today I am making up for it with a rather large update! Have 10 ~Female Headz~ and 1 ~female skin~.. wouldnt u say that is a large update? Hope you enjoy! Till next time!


2 new female headz with funky colored hair today! 2 regular headz for each on ~FH 4~... and one makeover head for each on the ~Makeoverz~ page. Hope ya likes!


Ive been a busy little bee today. 2 new outfits on ~FS 4~, and 3 versions of yours truly on the ~FH 4~ and ~Makeoverz~ pages. Hope you like! See ya!


Tonight i was bored when i got home from work.. so i made you 9 new fem heads to play with. Thats right, i said 9!!! You can find them on the FH4 page and the Makeovers page. Hope you like them...Enjoy.


Oh, yeah!! I actually got some work done this week!! Teh male headz section is up and running now... and i also slipped some new fem headz in too, check them out on FH 4 page!!!
Happy Halloween!!!!


Hiya guyz and galz... i finally got the fem skinz pages up. Sorry it took so long. Enjoy! Buh Bye.
Oh, I also fixed the Bridget and MoonBeam headz, they will show up in the game now!


Well, partially atleast. The site is still a bit under construction.. but i did promise quite a few people i would be back up by friday. So, walk around, check the new place out and be patient while i work on the rest of the site. TA-TA!

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