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Dark Lord Bill

Hello, and welcome to Dark Lord Bill, where badly drawn characters with elaborate heads go on quests and annoy people.

The hero of the piece is Dark Lord Bill, who wants to be an evil dictator. His capable sidekick is 19th century novelist Edgar Allan Poe.
15/5/03 - Another comic, the longest yet.
10/5/03 - Sea Strife has the dubious honor of being the first other comic to link to me. A big thank you to the fine hominid in charge there. Go visit Sea Strife. Unless you just came from there, in which case don't bother.
24/4/03 - It's been a boring and busy month for me, but I have finally got my act together and made another strip. I also joined Top Web Comics so vote for me. Don't make me beg.
16/3/03 - Been a while. I have been busy.
25/2/03 - Sorry about strip #7. I'll try to be good in future.
24/2/03 - What can I say? I really hate this guy!
22/2/03 - Try as you might, you will not find a subtle political message in today's strip #5. It's just as stupid as all the others.
17/2/03 - Finally got GIFs to work, so no more crappy slow-loading JPGs. Yay!