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The Epilogue

Not long after the Hibiki incident, Latveria was delighted to recieve its second ever tourist...

No-one really knew what became of Charlie. Some say he somehow cheated death...others that he was well and truly dead. I'll leave the final decision up to you...:
Did Charlie somehow survive in an unlikely plot twist?
Did Charlie die, without passing go or collecting $200 dollars?

And meanwhile, back in the Saikyo-ryu Dojo, yet another pearl of vital martial arts wisdom was passed on to Dan's diligent students...


Yes, for those of you who were dozing off in the back by the last few pages, that's all there is. Only one thing left....The Credits!!

Special thanks to Boradrake and The Bear for the original idea.

Thanks to Gilgamesh from the Crossover Comic Archive for providing me with a MUGEN file for Sentinel.

Thanks to Demajen for providing several of the backgrounds, and an honourary Saikyo black belt is awarded for his services in providing me with the MIGHTY paint programme, Paint Shop Pro 7.

NO THANKS is given to those who voted Magneto above Dr. Doom on the "Greatest Marvel Villains poll". But it did give me the idea for the whole magnet/beatdown scene.

Finally, thanks to everyone for reading this!

This has been a mad_spence production!

Let me knew what you think with this handy poll...

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