My name is Chuck Delorme and as you can tell I am an avid Conan fan, I am married with 5 children who are my world .I have been collecting Conan comics since I was younger, I had the entire collection but unfortunately my house was broken into and they were  stolen. So here  I am again trying to get back a stolen memory of my younger days. And as you can see from my website I am well on my way. My wife's name is Alana we have been together for 8 years and we have 5 children. Yannick who is 7, Jamie who is 6, Kaleb who is 4, Logan who is 3 and Eileen who is 10 months old and the apple of daddy's eye. as you can see from two of my son's names I am an avid comic reader.( Kaleb and Logan). I  collect other comics but the one I like beside Conan is the Lobo series if you want to check the covers of those click at the Lobo logo down of this page. 


       Me ( No I don't Smile)                       Jamie & Eileen                         Me and little Charles My oldest



           The whole gang on our favorite holiday                     (Jamie,Yannick,Alana,Logan,Kaleb) 

           Goofy Killer / Scary movie Killer / Scream Killer / 

                 Pikachu Killer / and the Lion King Killer