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Cain,The Caretaker

Weird Facts


These are just some odds and ends I couldn't seem to fit in anywhere else; enlightening things that reveal the many possibilities and enigmas of Cain, the Caretaker. What's with this Len Wein? Does Cain have powers? Should he be compared to Vincent Price? Was he once worshipped? Some things, I suppose, he'd probably not want you to see..... Just don't let him know that you saw this, or that you heard it from ME! - Nurse Melody



Does Cain Have Powers?

In the DC Universe Who's Who, it says under "special powers" on Cain's profile that he doesn't have any. However, from what I have witnessed (only here and there) is that he indeed DOES. I'm not quite sure where these powers come from, what exactly he's capable of, or why he doesn't choose to use them more often. I guess like so many other things about him and Abel, they're elusive and indefinable. At any rate, I put together some evidence of these powers. What do YOU think?



Okay, here we have Cain OBVIOUSLY using powers! In this instance, Put Your Trust In A Killer, HOM #201, he was telling a story about a young hoodlum, and just couldn't resist the temptation to interfere. He appears in this kid's jail cell OUT OF NOWHERE, ALTERS REALITY AND TURNS BACK TIME, just to prove a point to this kid! This instance ALONE proves to me he is capable of some sort of magic.


This time, A Deal With A Sorcerer HOM #202, Cain IS the sorcerer that he's telling about in his story, that this dopey loser guy goes to, seeking powers. Now come ON, if he has the ability to BESTOW powers on OTHERS, than he must have powers himself!

If nothing else, there's the fact that the 'Mark of Cain' makes him invincible. Even Lucifer can't harm him!



Here we have a more recent example from Trial and Error, The Dreaming Special. What's happening here is Judge Gallows has dared to lie a hand on him. At this Cain's hair grows (and since you can' see this in the picture, it grows pretty LARGE) and his eyes white out and start glowing. No powers? WHATEVER!



This is probably one of the strangest examples I've found so far. It looks to me like Cain is claiming to be Canthros over there to the left. It DOES look like a youngish Cain, doesn't it? In the story this comes from, the king calls upon his court magician for advice, Canthros. Besides being the court magician, the fact that he's been around this long proves my case for having powers.



Cain's True Things You Didn't Know About The House of Mystery



"Do YOU Think I Sound Like Vincent Price?"

The question has arose more than once. Sometimes it seems like he prides himself on this, and other times he seems to get offended. Does he LOOK like Vincent Price? What do YOU think? I think Vincent Price is pretty hot, and of COURSE I think Cain is hot! I see the resemblance, do you?






So, What's With Len Wein?

DC claims that Cain was modeled after Len Wein, but OF COURSE I don't buy into THAT! Cain is a real person! I knew him! What IS it with Len Wein though? Is he just a big fan, or is he Cain's secret identity.... Is that REALLY Abel with him? Why the cover up?? Hmmm... Like so many things pertaining to Cain, it is a Mystery.



A Cult of Cain

Was Cain once worshipped as a deity? If not, it certainly sounds like a good idea! Why there's already a giant mystical looking statue of him!



Embarrassing, Yet Cute, Pictures of Cain

All right, now this is the good stuff! Whatever you do though, PLEASE don't let him know I showed these to you! We all know he has quite a temper, and so far I've managed to stay in his favor! Yet, I can not resist! These pictures are too unbearably cute to endure alone!


Cain Rocks Out At Woodstock

If you'd been paying attention earlier while you were READING the "Acquaintances" section, you would have learned that Cain and Abel went to Woodstock with Cynthia, Mildred, and Mathilde. Well here they are! Check out Abel, he looks pretty out there! See, Cain wasn't always so pissed off!


Cain Rockin' Out Some More


Strange Days

YEAH. ......PLEASE don't let him know I showed you these!



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