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ALAS! There are NO other pages dedicated SOLELY to the House of Mystery! However these are some places I think you should visit anyhow. Some are remotely connected to the House of Mystery in SOME way or another; most of them are not. If you happen to know of a website that talks a fair amount about mystery/horror comics or Cain the Caretaker, please let me know!


Horror Comics Review Fanzine

ECCrypt .com

Ramon Schenk's Weird Comics Homepage

Super-Natural's Message Board


The Heart of the Dreaming



Sergio Aragones' Groo The Wanderer

Bernie Wrightson

Tony Isabella

Wally Wood Gallery

Elfwood - Hope L. Kodman


Justin's Blue Devil

Bad Craziness: The Demon Website

DCU Magic Resource Page

The Phantom Stranger

Scarecrow, Master of Fear

Arcade's Murderworld

The Art of Loving Lecter


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