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The Mega Man Sourcebook

The game that began the saga, Mega Man on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). As the first ever Mega Man title, most of the game's aspects are fairly basic, with Mega Man's abilities limited to firing his Mega Buster and jumping - no slide move or charged shot are available. In this first installment, Mega Man's mission is to take down the evil Dr Wily and his six Robot Masters. You'll have to battle through six areas where the Robot Masters hide out before tackling Dr Wily's castle for the final showdown. Once each of the six bosses are defeated, Mega Man will draw their energy into his body, creating extra special weapons for his arsenal, each boss has a certain weakness to a particular weapon. No energy tanks are available, making this game a very tough one indeed. Below you'll find coverage for the bosses, weapons and special items found in the game.

Mega Man Series:

Mega Man

Mega Man X