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Weapons and Vehicles

Batarang: The new batarngs are quite sleek and as effective as the old ones. So far razor edged ones and explosive ones have been effectively used against Curare and the one that emits an highly concentrated electric charge was particularly effective against the Golem and Inque.

The Batcar:The new batcar is a sleek surface-to -air crime fighting vehicle. It has an advanced on board computer directly linked to the Bat Suit's computerized circuitry. Besides this it is equipped with a variety of weapons.

The Batsuit: The Batsuit has neuromuscular amplification capable of increasing the wearers strength 10 times over. Besides this the gloves shoot out CO2 stars and have retractable climbing claws. The suit can also cloak itself to blend into the surrounding (like the predator). It also fires grappling hooks. Batarangs are fired from compact housing in the wrist. It has magnetic rocket boosters in the boots. The Bat suit is equipped with retractable wings for short distance flight. The fingertips come equipped with microphones for eavesdropping and the gloves include sensors for instant chemical analysis. Also the cowl has a visor which besides providing Bruce Wayne with a bird's eye view of what's happening also provides batman with a variety of modes ranging form infra-red to binocular magnification to view the surroundings in. The suit is bulletproofed against small caliber weapons and moderate laser attack.

BatSub: Earlier, in Batman The animated series Batman used a sleek powerboat, the Batboat while pursuing criminals on the water. In the future, The batcar with it's hovercraft like properties, can pursue anything on the surface of the water, but it can't go under water. That's where the Batsub comes in. Sleek and equipped with the sate of the art electronics and weapons, the Batsub is the perfect solution to tackle crime under water. It is linked to the batsuit in the same manner as the Batcar.

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