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Janet Van Dyne

F) Ex20
A) Rm30
S) Gd10
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Rm30
P) Ex20

Health: 80 Karma: 60
Resources: Ex Pop: 50

Known Powers:
Shrinking: In, Down to 1/2 inch. tall. While small, she is +2cs to fight larger opponents and is -2cs to be hit by them. When she shrinks small wings grow from her back. While small she is +2cs to fight larger opponents and is -2cs to be hit by them. She gains the following abilities:
-Winged Flight: Pr airspeed, Can only fly at any size below 48 inches.
-Enhanced Abilities: Her Strength is raized by +1cs in her smallest size, but her Health does not change.
Adjustable Growth: When obvious mobility keeps her from growing to full size, Wasp grows “not-quite-so-large” in these stages:
-Stage 1: 10 feet tall, S) Ex20 E) Rm30, Ty Body Armor and Health: 90
-Stage 2: 15 feet tall, S) Rm30 E) Rm30, Gd Body Armor and Health: 100 (+1CS to attack)
-Stage 3: 20 feet tall, S) In40 E) Am50, Ex Body Armor and Health: 120 (+1CS to attack, -1CS to dodge)
-Stage 4: 25 feet tall, S) Am50 E) Mn75, Rm Body Armor and Health: 155 (+2CS to attack, -1CS to dodge)
-Stage 5: 30 feet tall, S) Mn75 E) Mn75, Rm Body Armor and Health: 180 (+3CS to attack, -2CS to dodge)
-Stage 6: This is the danger zone, because she can exceed his normal maximum with a Yellow Psyche FEAT. Doing so raises her to this level: 40 feet tall, with S) Un100 E) Mn75, In Body Armor and Health: 205. However, she must make a Red Endurance FEAT every 2 rounds to maintain this size or pass out, after which she loses 1 End rank every hour until death or finds proper medical treatment. She shrinks unconscious at 1 stage per hour.
Insect Communication: Ty, She can communicate with all insectoid life with Ty ability/range. She can also command them.
Wasp Sting: Rm Energy, 1 area

Avengers Communicard: Gd material, able to communicate with any card carrying Avenger with Sh-X ability.

Talents: Business, Martial Arts E, Airborne Combat (+1cs), Leadership, Fashion Design

Contacts: Avengers, Henry Pym

Wasp's Last Costume

Wasp's Avengers Unity Squad Costume