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War IV



F) Rm30
A) Gd10
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) Fe2
I) Ty6
P) Rm30

Health: 240 Karma: 38
Resources: Fe Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Gamma Body: Since the splitting of Banner and the Hulk during the Onslaught affair, the Hulk seems to be a sort of energy creature that is losing energy to the pocket dimension which contains his other self. This is causing the Hulk to die while affecting his environment. His Endurance drops by 1 points every hour. He also has the following abilities:
-Invulnerablity: Mn
-Leaping: CL5000
-Adrenalin Surge: his Fighting and Strength increase by +1cs in times of great stress.
-Regeneration: 20 points/round, his regeneration also drops by 1 point every day.
-Energy Field: The Hulk leaks energy which causes Black-outs, strange weather patterns, it affects the earth as well causing floods and earthquakes. These increase each day the Hulk remains separated. He causes Ty radiation damage in 1 area which also keeps increasing.

Power Sword: Am material, Am Edge, capable of delivering an Am Energy Blast
Whip: Am material, In Blunt, War may grapple an opponent as with Mn strength

Talents: None

Contacts: Apocalypse, Four Horsemen of Apocalypse