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F) Rm30
A) Ex20
S) Am50
E) In40
R) Rm30
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 140 Karma: 70
Resources: Pr Pop: 30

Known Powers:
Synthezoid Physiology: Viv is a synthezoid created by the Vision in his process to humanize himself through the creation of a family. Vivís brainwave patterns come from the combination of the brain patterns of the Vision and Virginia. Viv is made of Gd synthetic and mechanical parts, and has the following abilities:
-Immune to Aging, Disease and Toxins
-Life Support: Viv has no need for food, water, or air
-Density Manipulation (Self): Mn control over her density gives her a wide range of abilities:
--Body Armor: Gd, Above In, she is -1cs to Fighting and Agility, uses her density as Strength.
--Disruption: Solidifying inside targets. Damage is equal to her density, Body armor is ignored.
--Flight: At Sh-0 Density, Viv flies at Pr airspeed.
--Phasing: She can phase through objects at Sh-0 Density, as if she had Mn Phasing.
-Solar Beams: Rm Heat beams from her eyes or forehead jewel to a range of 8 areas.
--Solar Regeneration: Am, she regains up to 5 points per round, or 50 per turn.
--Holographic Projection: Ex ability to project multiple full-sized, detailed holograms with audio projection
--Camouflage: Using her holographic projectors, Viv could project a hologram to blend into surroundings at Ex ability.
--Image Inducer: Gd ability to mask Viv and make her look as though she were someone else.
-Computer Brain: Viv's brain can hold and process hundreds of thousands of Petabytes of information granting her a number of abilities:
--Total Recall: Mn ability to recall any experience she has undertaken.
--Computer Links: Viv's brain also to access local WIFI and computers remotely, she can even act as a hotspot at Ex ability, 10 areas
--Radio Transceiver: Just like with her ability to utilize local WIFI, Viv can transmit through Satellite and WIFI Radio transmitters at Am, 50 mile range.


Emotional Shutdown: Vivian walled off her emotions regarding the loss of her mother and brother rather than cope with them. This partition was removed by the High Evolutionary, leaving Viv heartbroken and confused over feelings she previously refused to process. When she regained her android form, Viv once again disengaged her emotional core. When Vivís emotions are deactivated, she is at -2cs to Intuition FEATs involving her ability to ďreadĒ people through body language, sense their motives, etc.

Talents: Student

Contacts: Vision, Virginia, Vin, Champions