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Years ago, Peter Parker (A.K.A. Spider-Man) accidentally bonded with an alien being called a Symbiote. When Peter realized the costume was actually an aggressive living organism, he rejected it. During their time together, the Symbiote had access to Spider-Man's genetic code, and now grants whomever it bonds with skills similar to his: wall-crawling, the power to generate bio-organic webbing, and unique abilities to shape-shift and become invisible, turning them into VENOM!!!

Eddie Brock and the Venom Symbiote have been reunited, but both of them have changed since they last were together. Venom still wants to be a hero, but has found it difficult to contain its more violent impulses. It has even gone as far as to attack people it perceives as a threat while Eddie has been sleeping.

Current Host:
Venom (Eddie Brock)

Former Hosts:
Venom II
Venom III (Mac Gargan)
Agent Venom (Flash Thompson)
Venom IV (Lee Price)