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Dr. Henry Pym using technology derived from the android Dragon Man and his own brainwave patterns created a prototype android he named Ultron-1. Ultron evolved in a matter of minutes, developing an Oedipal hatred of its creator. Using a hypnotic Encephalo Ray on Dr. Pym the android made its escape, with Dr. Pym forgetting its existence.

Months later Ultron resurfaced four generations removed as Ultron-5. In a ploy to destroy the Avengers he worked under the disguise of the Crimson Cowl directing a new incarnation of the Masters of Evil.

Failing to destroy the Avengers using human help, Ultron-5 resorted to creating his own android menace. Created with a prototype body of the android Human Torch I, and the brain patterns of the then believed dead Wonder Man, Ultron-5 created a "son" that would eventually be known as the Vision.

Vision eventually turned against and destroyed his creator, later joining the Avengers. But, Ultron-5 programmed a failsafe into Vision, compelling him to resurrect his creator. Forged from indestructible Adamantium, Ultron-6 was activated.

Ultron's next creation was in the form of a mate. The mad android kidnapped Dr. Pym's wife Janet Van Dyne (Wasp) and downloaded her brain patterns into his female creation called Jocasta. Unfortunately for Ultron, Jocasta inherited her "mothers" sense of ethics and turned on Ultron-8 aiding the Avengers.

Ultron would not resurface again until the Secret Wars, and then again as a schism of himself. Ultron-11, and a rational Ultron-12 would do battle, destroying both. Ultron would later be rebuilt by Dr. Doom, who incorporated all of the 12 previous personas creating Ultron-13.

Ultron-13 created another robotic mate based on the brain patters of the West Coast Avenger, Mockingbird. His new creation, Alkhema would also betray Ultron, more from her desire to rule than any desire to aid humanity.

In his most insidious plan, Ultron-16 overthrows the nation of Slorenia to use as a staging ground for world destruction. He turns the executed populace into zombie cyborgs, unleashes an unlimited army of Ultrons to stall the Avengers, and kidnaps his "family": Dr. Pym, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Wasp, Wonder Man and the Grim Reaper, to use their brain patterns as the basis of a new race of cyborgs.

The Avengers with the assistance of the villainous Grim Reaper escape Ultron's shackles and manage to battle the android to a stand still. Only employing the anti-metal, Antarctic Vibranium, Dr. Pym used his enlarging powers as Goliath and repeatedly pummels Ultron, shattering him to atoms.

Ultron would latter resurface using his second creation Jocasta sub-programming to manipulate one of Tony Stark's Iron Man armors as a robotic host. His plan appears to have failed, but all evidence indicates that it will be only a matter of time before the world is once again menaced by Ultron.

The Many Forms of Ultron:
Ultron in Iron Man's Sentient Armor
Ultron inhabiting Tony Stark's Body
Ultron as a Phalanx
Ultron inhabiting Adam Warlock's Body

The Creations of Ultron:
The Vision
Victor Mancha