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The Truth

The Truth

F) Gd10
A) Gd10
S) Ex20
E) Ex20
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Ex20

Health: 60 Karma: 32
Resources: Pr Pop: -2

Known Powers:
Mental Suggestion: Rm ability to implant his version of “the truth”, which in a nutshell is that the world is doomed and everything sucks by touch. This implanting of the horrors of humanity usually causes victims to, at the least, recoil in fear and horror, and at the most, commit suicide. As a side effect, whenever he is implanting his truth, the victim’s eyes start to bleed and turn blue while under his suggestion. His power has proven to be unreliable against people who could be considered “mentally unstable”, as their minds are too convoluted to instill simple suggestions.



Talents: None

Contacts: None