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Trick Shot

Trick Shot

Buck Chisholm

F) Gd10
A) Ex20
S) Gd10
E) Ty6
R) Ty6
I) Ex20
P) Ty6

Health: 46 Karma: 32
Resources: Gd Pop: -5

Known Powers:

Compound Bow: Gd material, It can fire arrows up to a range of 6 areas. By succeeding at a Green Agility FEAT, he can fire two arrows in one round. With a Yellow FEAT, he can fire three arrows, and by making a Red Agility, he can fire four arrows in one round.
Quiver: Trick Shot's quiver holds up to 24 arrows of varying effects:
-Blunt: Ex damage, but Kill results are treated as Stun results.
-Circling: This arrow can turn up to 360 degrees to hit targets around corners or behind Trick-Shot; it inflicts Ex damage.
-Entangling: Upon contact, the arrowhead explodes, surrounding the target in a net of Rm material.
-Flame: As this arrow streaks through the air, it bursts into flame, emitting Gd intensity heat. It is often used to ignite combustible materials.
-Knock-Out Gas: Fills 1 area. All those in the area must succeed at an In Endurance FEAT or be rendered unconscious for 1-10 turns.
-Hypodermic: The victim must succeed at an Ex Endurance FEAT or be knocked out for 1-10 turns.
-Razor: Trick Shot uses this arrow for assassinations. It inflicts Rm Edge on the Shooting column with a Bullseye result being treated as a kill result.
-Smoke: This arrow fills 1 area with Ex Smoke. All FEATs in the smoke-filled area suffer a -2cs penalty.

Talents: Weapon Specialist: (Bow), Designing bows and arrows, Performer.

Contacts: Hawkeye