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Titanium Man

The Titanium Man became a recurring enemy of Stark Industries until Boris was 'killed' in Russia by the Crimson Dynamo. Stark was wearing the Crimson Dynamo armor at the time but Boris was killed remotely by the Dynamo's pilot (who could not wear the armor due to injury).

The second Titanium Man power suit was designed by the mutant known as The Gremlin. The Gremlin's carrier as the Titanium Man was short. He first aided the Soviet Super Soldiers (now known as the Winter Guard) in trying to apprehend Magneto for crimes against Russia. The Titanium Man was then targeted by Tony Stark who discovered that his technology was used in a recent upgrade to the Titanium Man & Crimson Dynamo. Stark succeeded in negating the Dynamo's armor but not the Titanium Man's. Titanium Man had Iron Man in a bear hug and Stark tried to use his boot jets to shake his opponent off in the air. Unfortunately the Gremlin was not paying attention and Stark ignited the Titanium Man's armor causing it to explode.

The armor was destroyed and the Gremlin was killed in the explosion. A new Titanium Man has made his presence known to Tony Stark. He attacked Stark during a Space Mission which led to his defeat (he was rescued by a Stark-Fujikawa shuttle) and he later attacked during the hearing to discuss the Superhero Registrations Bill. At some point, Boris Bullski returned from his alleged death and joined forces with The Remont Six, the reincarnation of his previous group The Remont Four.

Current Version:
Titanium Man

Former Versions:
Titanium Man (Mark 1 Armor)
Titanium Man (Mark 2 Armor)