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F) Un100
A) Ex20
S) Un100
E) Un100
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Am50

Health: 320 Karma: 80
Resources: Ex Pop: 50

Known Powers:
Asgardian Physiology: Thor is an Asgardian, who's very body gives him the following abilities:
-Invulnerability: Un protection vs. Physical, Energy, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Aging and Disease
-Slowed Aging: Un immunity to the ravaging effects of time. Thor only physically ages one year for every 100 years. He will age, just very slowly.
-Self-Sustenance: Thor doesn't need to breathe, he can survive in the vacuum of space
-Illusion Detection: +1CS intuition

Uru Prosthetic Arm: Un material, Strength increases to Un, but Fighting decreases to Am for using his off hand in battle.
Hammer Arsenal: Un material, Thor's Fighting is Sh-Y and he inflicts Un damage. Mjolnir can be thrown up to 10 areas. Following the destruction of Mjolnir, Thor started wielding a wide arrange of hammers for different tasks, which were enchanted by Odin to provide Thor with the same abilities Mjolnir did. However, since they were manufactured with less pure Uru, they were much weaker than Mjolnir and could break relatively easily. They are capable of the following:
-Automatic Return
-Flight: Am
-Deflection: Rm protection vs. physical, energy and magical attacks.
-Weather Control: Un, Mn Lightning (even without a storm)
-Air Control: Mn
-Worthiness: Only a pure and noble person can pick up Mjolnir. (Ex strength and 1000 karma)
-Unfettered Might: Sh-Y damage (Sh-Z with belt of Might). Unless he is wearing his special gauntlets this attack causes him 40 damage. It also causes him to lose half his karma.
-Power Absorption/Reflection: Energy up to CL1000 but it must be reflected the following round.
-Light Emission: In
-Magic Detection: Gd
-Specialized Hammers: Some of these hammers had special abilities, such as the following:
--Hulk-Smiter: Larger in size, it can deal Sh-X
--Bomb Hammer: It can explode, dealing Am
Gauntlets: CL1000 material, Sh-Y protection vs. contact powers.
Belt of Strength: +1CS Strength. (When removed End -2CS for 24 hours.)

Talents: Asgardian Lore, Swords, Weapon Specialist: (Mjolnir)

Contacts: The Avengers, Asgardians, Hercules, Beta Ray Bill, Jane Foster

Thor swinging Mjolnir