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The Mandarin

Apparently a descendent of Genghis Khan, the man that would become known as the Mandarin was the son of a wealthy Chinese man and a British noblewoman. When both of his parents died soon after his birth, he was adopted by his father's sister. Displaying a scientific aptitude at an early age he used his inheritance for education in various sciences. As an adult he became a high government official renowned throughout China for his administrative brilliance. With the success of the Communist revolution, the Mandarin lost his wealth, home and government position. Finding a means of restoring himself to power he explored the forbidden "Valley of Spirits," where no one had dared to enter in centuries. Within this inhospitable land he found the remains and starship of the dragon-like Makluan known as Axonn-Karr. Over the next few years the Mandarin studied and mastered Makluan technology, learning how to use the ten rings he found within the starship to attempt world domination.

Current Version:

Former Versions:
Mandarin (Rings fused to Spine)