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Invisible Woman

The eldest of two children born to a physician and his wife Susan Storm grew up comfortably in suburban Long Island. By age 12, she had met her future husband: Reed Richards, then a Columbia University graduate student living in her aunt's New York City rooming house. Enamored of the shy but handsome scientist, Storm promised to keep in touch with him. When she moved to California to pursue an acting career, she contacted Richards, who was working on an experimental rocket with the U.S. Government. The two began a long-term romantic relationship, ultimately becoming engaged. Threatened by the U.S. government with cancellation of the partial funding of Richards' project, he chose to make an immediate test flight with Air Force pilot Ben Grimm as the chief astronaut. Rounding out the crew of four were Richard's fiancée and her brother, Johnny.

A freak cosmic-radiation storm changed the rocket's inhabitants granting them each unique powers. When the rocket crashed back to Earth, young Sue Storm was startled that she was not able to see herself, becoming an Invisible Girl.

After marrying her fellow adventurer and fiancée she would later give birth to their child Franklin, for whom she would retire for a time. When she returned to the Fantastic Four it would be under a title befitting her maturity, as the Invisible Woman.

Current Version:
Invisible Woman (Return)

Former Versions:
Invisible Girl
Malice II
Invisible Woman
Human Torch III