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F) Sh-X 150
A) Un100
S) CL1000
E) CL3000
R) Rm30
I) Rm30
P) Cl3000

Health: 4250 Karma: 3060
Resources: Mn Popularity: -900

Known Powers:
Resistance to Fire and Heat: CL3000, Surtur is made of fire.
Body Armor: Sh-X. Surtur's fiery body protects him from Blunt, Edge, and Shooting attacks.
Fire and Heat Control: Surtur can control fire and heat with Sh-Z ability.
Phasing: Mn
Shapechange: Mn
Invulnerability: Sh-Z resitance to Physical, Energy and Magical attacks
Growth: (Permanent) Un

Twilight (Surtur's Sword of Doom): CL1000 material, Sh-Z Edge, Surtur can gain CL3000 Flame damage by Igniting his sword in the "Eternal Flame of Destruction".

Weakness: Cold- and Water-based attacks gain +1CS damage.

Talents: Asgardian Lore, Weapon Specialist: Twilight.

Contacts: Ymir, Loki