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Stark Tower

Stark Tower, est. 2005 and named after owner Tony Stark, serves as headquarters to the Avengers.

Built over a period of four years, it stands tall as a gleaming beacon of modern architecture. The top three floors were to be Stark's new home, but when the New Avengers were founded, he gave it to the team as a gift, to be their home when they needed it, to be a meeting place and base of operations.

Just like the Avengers headquarters, Avengers Mansion, Stark Tower is suited with state-of-the-art technology and a very extravagant interior, including hanging portraits from former Avengers. The place where it stands now was the former site of The Sentry's Watchtower before he erased all the world's memory of him. When the Sentry recovered from his "mental virus", the Watchtower installed itself atop Stark Tower, convincing Tony Stark that it was fate that really brought them together.

When the team came together in this place, Edwin Jarvis the butler was welcomed back to his position as caretaker and continues to look after a new team of superheroes.

After the tower's destruction during World War Hulk, Tony rebuilt it using S.H.I.E.L.D. funds. Since Tony has been removed from power and S.H.I.E.L.D. has been replaced with Norman Osborn's H.A.M.M.E.R., Osborn has taken the tower, known as Avengers Tower, as his own. The Dark Avengers used it as their headquarters. After Osborn is removed from power, the tower returned to Stark and with Sentry's death the watch tower disappeared from the roof top only to be replaced by an Asgardian arch.

During the attack of the Serpent, Red Hulk battled one of Serpent's Worthy, Angrir, during the fight, Angrir destroys the Stark Tower. In the aftermath of the later battle against the Serpent, Stark proposed himself to rebuild the Tower. Time later, the Tower was rebuilt with a new design and opened to be once more Avengers' headquarters.

Lobby: The ground floor of Stark Tower is the reception area for Stark Enterprises. The lobby also is capable of the following:
-Scanners and Probes: The reception room is filled with hidden scanners to scan visitors. If visitors were hostile, alarms are sounded and contacts the Avengers.
91st Floor: Contains the Avengers' living quarters. There are suites for the members and several guest rooms for the other Avenger members and extended family, dining and living areas. Contains the following arrangement:
-Living Room: This area is where the Avengers can meet and just relax. It does have a communication device.
92nd Floor: Contains more living areas
93rd Floor: This floor is considered to be the Avengers' actual headquarters. It contains computer banks, a communications center and a briefing room.
-Main Conference Room: The tops floor contains the Main Conference Room where the Avengers are able to meet and plan about various things dealing with them.
-Hangar: This floor is the hangar for the Avengers' Quinjet, a storage space and machine shop to repair the Quinjet. The Quinjet rests on a platforms that sits under the hatch located on the roof.
Roof: It is flat and featureless. The Quinjet is located up here for the Avengers to use. Other VTOL planes are able to land on the roof with proper clearance.
-Protective Dome: Should the Avengers be attacked, a protection dome made out of In material covers the top of Stark Tower, protecting the citizens from letting anything dangerous from letting loose on the streets of New York City.

The Main Room

The Hangar

The Watchtower before it disappeared

Stark Tower with the Asgardian Arch

Other Avengers Equipment in Avengers Tower:
The Quinjet

Current Residents of Stark Tower:
The Avengers