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F) In40
A) Am50
S) In40
E) Am50
R) Ex20
I) Rm30
P) Rm30

Health: 180 Karma: 80
Resources: N/A Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical and Energy
Hyper-Olfactory: In
Regeneration: Gd
Winged Flight: Mn airspeed
Shape-Shifting: Ex ability to look like a normal human female.
Teleportation: Un ability to generate warp holes through space and even through dimensions, such as from her natural home in the Astral Plane to Earth
Claws: Am Edge
Stingers: Am Edge with a Rm paralyzing toxin effect, fires up to 3 areas


Talents: Martial Arts B, Thrown Edge