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The Shaper of Worlds

Shaper Of Worlds

F) Mn75
A) Mn75
S) Mn75
E) Un100
R) CL1000
I) CL1000
P) CL5000

Health: 325 Karma: 7000
Resources: CL5000 Pop: 0

Known Powers:
True Invulnerability: Mn protection vs. all attacks. By manipulating reality, he can become invulnerable to any form of damage.
Reality Manipulation: The Shaper of Worlds has Illusion Generation Powers of CL5000 ability, such that for most of the normal world, his illusions are indistinguishable from reality. His initial range is one area, but increases at one area per turn, so that at the end of 21 Terran hours he can convert a planet the size of Earth to his reality. It remains in that state for 4 Terran years, at which point it reverts to its initial state (unless the Shaper himself negates the change).

Tractor Device: Shaper moves by means of a tractor-like device that may or may not be part of his body. He moves 1 area/turn.

The Shaper, has no imagination, and as such depends on the dreams and imaginations of others to form templates for his world-shaping. Upon choosing such a template, he begins to manipulate reality to that mold with his Illusion Powers. If he latches onto a mind that wishes to be king of the world, reality is suitably manipulated in that fashion. Grandiose, Interesting, and unusual dreams intrigue him. If convinced that the dream is bad or harmful, the Shaper may negate It.

Talents: None

Contacts: Glorian, Kubik