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F) Mn75
A) Mn75
S) Am50
E) Sh-Z500
R) In40
I) Rm30
P) Sh-Y200

Health: 700 Karma: 270
Resources: Un Pop: -100

Knonw Powers
Immortality: CL1000 reistance to Aging and Disease
True Invulnerability: Un resistance to other forms of damage
Hypnotic Control: Seth can exert Am control over the minds and actions of others. To do so, Seth must meet the eyes of his target, which requires an Agility FEAT against the target's Agility. If a target is actively resisting eye-contact, Seth's attempts receive a -3cs.
Plasma Generation: Un Energy from his hand.
Death Touch: Seth can kill mortals with an Un Rotting Touch. His touch also acts as a Mn Corrosive.
Mark of Death: Seth can curse any individual with a visible sign on the cheek. Only one person at a time can be thus marked, and doing so causes Seth to forfeit half his current Karma score. When Seth meets this character again, one of the two will die, even immortals.
Dimensional Portals: Seth can open gates from any dimension to any other with Mn ability.
Telepathy: Like most Heliopolitans, Seth has the ability to speak directly into a person's mind at Ex ability.


Seth has only 1 hand

Talents: Martial Arts C, E, Trance, Mesmerism, Occult Lore

Contacts: Egyptian Pantheon