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Black Queen


F) Ex20
A) Ex20
S) Rm30
E) Mn75
R) Ex20
I) Am50
P) Mn75

Health:145 Karma:145
Resources:Am Pop:-10

Known Powers:
Psychic Vampire: Un ability, on touch, to drain a victim's Psyche ranks ro restore lost health. Victim loses health equal to the lost Psyche rank (when Ex psyche drops to Gd the victim loses 20 points). If a victim's health and psyche reach 0 the victim dies and disintegrates, if health is still greater than 0 when the psyche becomes 0 Selene has Mn psychic control, Selene may then turn the victim in a psychic vampire with a power rank equal to his psyche. Lost psyche return at a rate of 1CS per day.
Body Armor: Gd (also prevents powers that rely on skin-skin contact.
Psi Screens: Am (not in the same round as other mental powers)
Telekinesis: Un control over inanimate objects, she can disintegrate objects of materials of Mn strength or less.
Pyrokinesis: Un fire control
Telepathy: In
Telepathic Force Bolts: In
Momentary trance: Am induced trance for 1 round, often used with Momentary Speed to create the illusion of teleporting.
Momentary Speed: Sh-Y ground speed for 1 round every 10 rounds.
Immortality: Unless use of her own power takes her below -110 health.
Magic: Selene is a master sorceress with Mn Illusion, Control and Summoning magics. Magic use will always cause aging and health loss. (No FEAT roll)


Limitation: Use of any power except psychic vampirism at Rm rank or higher forces her to make an End. FEAT or lose 10 health. If her health drops below 0 she will begin to show her true age.

Talents: Multi-lingual, Occult Lore

Contacts: Hellfire Club, Blackheart