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The Seekers

The Seekers are three former AIM agents that went freelance and created robotic suits for themselves. The team consist of Grasp, Sonic and Chain. They find out that their is a bounty for Spider-Woman, because she is wanted by the government after she helped the Avengers break out of the Vault. An informant named Scratch tells Chain the location of Spider-Woman after she prevented a major accident at a local construction site in Denver, Colorado. Meanwhile Iron Man located Spider-Woman, because he was able to trace her energy residue from her psionic webs. Iron Man tells Spider-Woman that the Avengers owe her a great debt and will try to help her anyway possible. All Spider-Woman wants to do is see her daughter Rachel and is conflicted whether to turn herself in or live as a fugitive. Iron Man decides to help her with her daughter's situation and tells Spider-Woman he will be back.

After Iron Man leaves, the Seekers find Spider-Woman and try to capture her. Grasp nicks Spider-Woman with his shock-net and starts a small brush fire. He then clamps her leg with one of his electro-gauntlets that detach from his suit. She is suddenly surrounded by Chain and Sonic when Iron Man appears. Spider-Woman manages to remove the gauntlet from her leg and takes out Chain when she tosses him to the ground and smashes his chest. Sonic knocks Iron Man out of the air with his sound cannon and employs a mechanical crab that deploys from his suit. The crab attaches itself to Iron Man's chest plate and hits him with a surge of energy. The pain is unbearable but Iron Man focuses his pulse bolts on the crab and destroys it. He then takes out Sonic with his concussion beam. Grasp sees his two comrades down and tries to escape. He is suddenly caught by Spider-Woman's web and forced to take his armor off. The Seekers were let go by Iron Man and Spider-Woman decides to turn herself in after she sees her daughter asleep at home.

The Seekers later came into conflict with the Human Torch and Rusty Collins. Grasp's son, Ted Bannion, committed suicide by setting himself on fire and Grasp blamed his son's death on the Human Torch. The Seekers confronted Johnny Storm and Rusty Collins at a New York park. A fight occurred but Rusty Collins managed to defeat all three Seekers with his mutant fire abilities.

The Seekers were also hired by the Secret Empire to provide reinforcements for Midnight where they battle Spider Man, Punisher, Moon Knight and Night Thrasher. They had some armor upgrades provided by the Secret Empire but they were ultimately defeated by the heroes.