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Kim Il Sung

F) Gd10
A) Gd10
S) Ty6
E) Ex20
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Ex20

Health: 46 Karma: 40
Resources: Gd Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Disruption: Kim generates a disruptive energy that alters the functional operations of any system he touches, causing machinery to malfunction or shut down, dispersing energy fields, and affecting living beings to cause paralysis, unconsciousness, death, and warp their specific powers so that they are temporarily inhibited or go haywire. He does this with Mn ability, though he must touch flesh against flesh for the disruption to occur. Scrambler can use his power to stun or kill an opponent on touch (target must make an Endurance FEAT against Mn intensity). If used to disrupt mutant abilities, the target must make a power FEAT against the Mn intensity rank using the strongest mutant power rank. Scrambler may also selectively disrupt particular powers, leaving others unaffected. Scrambler’s disruption, if successful, shuts the power off, removing its benefit.

Body Armor: Ty protection vs. Physical and Energy

Talents: None

Contacts: Marauders