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Scarlet Spider

Scarlet Spider

Ben Reilly (A Clone of Peter Parker)

F) Rm30
A) Am50
S) In40
E) In40
R) Ex20
I) Gd10
P) In40

Health: 160 Karma: 70
Resources: Pr Pop: 30

Known Powers:
Spider-Sense: Am Buzzing, cannot be blindsided and may make defensive actions if he makes a successful power FEAT. Intuition remains same in battle. If sense is nullified, Intuition is as listed and all Agility FEATs are at -1cs.
Wall-Crawling: Am
Leaping: Am, up to 3 areas
Balance: Scarlet Spiderís balance allows him to walk a tightrope automatically and a slack with an Agility FEAT. His sense of balance helps him fall up to 3 stories (30 feet) without receiving damage, provided he lands on his feet (Agility FEAT). He can prevent damage from a longer fall by grabbing and swinging off protrusions in the fallís path every 3 stories (flagpole, lampposts, etc.) or using his Web-Shooters, as long as he keeps making Agility FEATs

Web-Shooters: Shoots up to 7 areas, In material strength in round it was fired. Mn in next round. Used for transportation (3 areas a round) and restraining. The following can made with his web:
-Web Shield: Mn
-Web Parachute
-Web Hand-Glider: Ty air speed
-Web Missile: Ex Blunt attack at 3 areas
-Blinding: Am, once the web is removed, the victim is able to see again.
-Web Slingshot: Able to launch himself over great distances. 1 round to make the slingshot and "prep himself for launch", launch himself up to 10 areas the next round.
-Stingers: Rm Shooting, if successful, target must make an Rm End FEAT. vs being knocked out for 1-10 rounds
-Impact Webbing: Am material webbing, Covers 1 area on impact, shoots up to 5 areas
Mini-Dot Tracer: Attuned Spider-Sense. Track at Am ability up to 1 mile away
Utility Belt: The Scarlet Spider wore a Utility Belt on the outside of his costume, he uses this to carry the following:
-Spider-Signal: Gd illumination
-Extra Web Cartridges: Switches these into his Web-Shooters when he's out of webbing

Talents: Chemistry, Physics, Photography

Contacts: Peter Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Stuart Trainer, Daily Grind

Ben Reilly, Peter Parker's "Brother"