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F) Mn75
A) Mn75
S) Mn75
E) CL1000
R) Mn75
I) Mn75
P) Un100

Health: 3225 Karma: 250
Resources: CL1000 Pop: -500

Known Powers:
Demonic Form: Satannish is a Class Two Demon or Hell-Lord; he rules his own hellish spirit realm populated by damned souls, most of whom were enslaved through bargains they struck with Satannish while alive. He has the following power stunts:
-Power Source: Satannish derives his powers from his realm. If he is away from Limbo, his Endurance drops to Sh-X.
-Immortality: Satannish does not age, at least not at a rate humans can recognize.
-Dimension Travel: Un
-Size Manipulation: Un abbility to alter the size of him and others
-Forced Reincarnation: Un ability to take a disembodied soul and place it into a new body.
-Invisibility (all types): Un
-Kinetic Bolts: Mn Force or Energy
-Levitation: Un
-Magic Control: Un control over any magic anyone tries to use in his realm.
-Matter Control (all forms): Un
-Neural Manipulation: Un control over victims’ nervous systems and can cause up to power rank damage.
-Power Control: Un control over any physical powers anyone else tries to use in his dimension.
-Shape-Change Others: Un
-Sleep (Induced): Un
-Summoning: Un control over lesser supernatural beings.
-Gateway: Un
-True Invulnerability: Am protection vs. any attack except Magic.
-Time/Space Manipulation: Un
-Illusion Casting: Un
-Demonic Possession: Un


Satannish often has difficulty manifesting on the earthly plane.

Talents: Occult Lore and Background

Contacts: None