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F) Rm30
A) Gd10
S) Gd10
E) Gd10
R) Gd10
I) Gd10
P) Rm30

Health: 60 Karma: 50
Resources: Rm Pop: 4

Known Powers:
Genetic Perception: In ability to scan a person for all possible mutations and abilities in their genetic code.
Power Control (Magnification): Mn ability to trigger power manifestations which unleash latent mutant powers or enhance existing mutations in other people.
Computer Mind: Mn ability to analyze data with computer-like speed and efficiency. Use this rank instead of Reason for the purposes of correctly correlating information to reach the most logical outcome/conclusion/answer. Sage has exhibited various applications of this power, such as the following:
-Analyzing the body language and voice modulation of a target to determine whether or not he is lying. This requires a Yellow power FEAT.
-Anticipating and countering attacks on Reflex: With a Successful power FEAT vs. the Fighting rank of her target each turn, Sage may tailor her actions to counteract those of her target, allowing her to act/change her actions after her target has declared theirs. Sage also receives a +1cs to any defensive action once her action has changed or if she acts after the target, and her opponent receives a -1cs to his attacks for that turn. This ability usually requires the hero to study the target for 1-10 turns, but Sage can overcome that limitation thanks to her Total Memory, recalling the similarities and tendencies of a target she has already observed. (Note: this application of Computer Mind differs from Photographic Reflexes because she cannot copy any abilities, but is able to anticipate the studied movements and actions of a target and respond accordingly).
-Sage may also use this ability to analyze tactical information to better formulate strategies against multiple opponents with great speed. This allows her to extend the above benefits to her allies (anyone she is linked with in a karma pool) instead of herself, provided she herself is not being threatened by combat. (She usually does this from a command center-like position: monitoring the situation from afar and relating information to her teammates).
Telepathy: Tessa is a telepath, strong enough to read minds and communicate telepathically at Am levels of power. She has displayed the following power stunts:
-Mind Probe: Am
-Mental Bolts: Am
-Mind Control: Ex
-Mental Illusions (Hallucinations): Rm
Psychic Reflection: Tessa was taught by Professor X to completely close her mind to outside mental influence. When this power is active, Tessa cannot use her telepathic abilities, but gains Un Mental Resistance. In addition, psychic attacks are reflected back at the attacker with Am ability.

X-Men Uniform: Rm material, the Uniforms are constructed out of unstable molecule fabric. It provides her with the following:
-Body Armor: Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Insulated: Gd protection vs. Heat and Cold
-Comlink: 250 mile range and a GPS tracking device built into it
-Detection Scrambler: Am protection vs. Electronic Mutant Detection
Cybernetic Glasses: In material, Sage wears a pair of custom-built cyber shades that function as a wireless broadband computer network among like models. It provides her with the following:
-Audio/Visual Feed: The shades provide an audio/video feed via an in-built computer system outfitted with miniaturized conventional microphones and cameras
-Holograms: Mn ability to project a three-dimensional image into the visual field of the wearer that can be expanded to allow others to see with whom the wearer is communicating or information they are reviewing
-Computer Link: Mn, using Sage's computer-like mind as the basis. The shades provide input by means of a virtual reality iconographic keyboard, and have an alternate visual input system for when a userís hands are otherwise occupied. The shades can be interfaced with any external data network whether terrestrial or alien in origin.
-Sensors: Ex, 6 areas, The shades also possess various sensors for detecting telepathic resonance patterns, tracking energy trails, and analyzing electronic circuitry

Talents: Photographic Memory, Business/Finance, Computers, Guns

Contacts: Excalibur, Hellfire Club, X-Men

Sage's X-Men Training Uniform

Sage as Tessa

Sage's X-Corps Uniform

Sage's First X-Treme X-Men Costume

Sage's Second X-Treme X-Men Costume

Sage's First X-Men Uniform

Sage's Excalibur Uniform

Sage's Exiles Uniform