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Typical Rock Troll

Typical Rock Troll

F) Rm30 Health: 114
A) Pr4
S) In40 Karma: 12
E) In40
R) Pr4 Resources: Varies
I) Pr4
P) Pr4

Health: 114 Karma: 12
Resources: Fe Pop: -10

Known Powers:
Rock Troll Physiology: The Trolls were the least human looking of the denizens of the worlds of Asgard, possessing body characteristics that were almost simian. Their very bodies provide them with the following:
-Resistance to Diseases: Un
-Body Armor: Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Infravision: Rm
-Slowed Aging: Trolls age 1 year for every 100. They can be killed by normal means.

Club: +1cs to Strength for damage purposes.

Cowardice: Trolls will not attack unless they outnumber an opponent or can take them by surprise. They are more courageous when given firm leadership

Talents: Blunt Weapons

Contacts: Rock Trolls