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The Reavers

Originally a band of garden-variety criminals, the Reavers first claimed residency in an abandoned town in the Australian outback. Fortune smiled on them in the form of Gateway, a proud and powerful aboriginal mutant whom the Reavers had kidnapped. Threatening to destroy his people's homeland, the Reavers forced Gateway to use his powers to transport them to and from the robberies they planned throughout the South Pacific.

Not just content to merely rob a Hong Kong bank, the Reavers deemed it necessary to murder the family who owned it. To curtail further bloodshed, the X-Men stepped in and easily crushed the group, taking over the Reavers' outback outpost.

While they found foes in the X-Men, the Reavers found a friend in Donald Pierce, the deposed White King of the Hellfire Club. Pierce reorganized the group, turning them into cybernetically enhanced soldiers with the sole desire to seek out and destroy mutants - specifically, the X-Men. Newly regrouped and refreshed with cybernetic skills, the Reavers reclaimed their lost base.

Their subsequent battle at the genetic research station on Muir Island, however, whould be quite another matter entirely. A clash with government-sponsored team of mutants saw heavy casualties on both sides. However, Pierce was able to rebuild those Reavers lost in the battle - an accomplishment he would soon repeat when they were seemingly destroyed in a later struggle with the Sentinels.

Lady Deathstrike
Donald Pierce
Pretty Boy
Cole, Macon and Reese