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Pietro Maximoff

F) Ex20
A) Un100
S) Gd10
E) Rm30
R) Ex20
I) Ty6
P) Ty6

Health:160 Karma:32
Resources:Ty Pop:0

Known Powers:
Lightning Speed: Sh-X land speed, Quicksilver is able to perform the following power stunts:
-Sh-X strength for breaking a grappling attack.
-Extra attacks with Sh-X ability or multiple attacks that inflict up to Am damage, ignoring body armor (only one to hit roll is made).
-Create cyclones for Gd damage and Sh-X stunning or slamming
-Catch arrows
-Increase speed to CL1000 (Endurance FEAT every 2 rounds or pass out)
-Water Running: 1000 feet with a 100-foot approach
-Wall Running: 300 feet with a 500-foot approach
-Invisibility by moving extremely fast, Red Intuition FEAT to notice
-One must make a Red FEAT to hit Quicksilver with anything other than an area or psychic attack. If Quicksilver is making multiple attacks against the same target the FEAT is reduced to Yellow.
Thick Skin: Gd body armor
Resistance to Cold: In
Enhanced Metabolism: In resistance to drugs or alcohol.


Talents: None

Contacts: Crystal, Inhumans, Avengers, Knights of Wundegore

Quicksilver's First Costume

Quicksilver's Second Costume

Quicksilver's Third Costume

Quicksilver's X-Factor Uniform

Quicksilver's Fourth Costume

Quicksilver's Fifth Costume

Quicksilver's Sixth Costume

Quicksilver's Seventh Costume

Quicksilver's Serval Industries Costume

Quicksilver's Uncanny Avengers Costume

Quicksilver's Last Costume

A variation of Quicksilver's Latest Costume