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Piezo-Electrical Logistic Analytic Tactical Operator

F) Sh-0
A) Sh-0
S) Sh-0
E) Sh-0
R) Am50
I) Am50
P) Sh-0

Health: N/A Karma: N/A
Resources: Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Computer Program: PLATO was designed as a semi-sentient computer program that had a semblance of free will. Its artificial intelligence was programmed to have his own personality, but was still confined to help any who resided within the Works’ facility. His programming gives him the following abilities:
-Self-Sustenance: Because he is a computer program, PLATO doesn’t need to eat, sleep or breathe
-Holographic Projection: Am ability to project holographic images, most often of a humanoid male.
-Teleportation: Through his holographic projection, PLATO is able to travel anywhere within the Works’ facility with Un ability.
-Data Analysis: Un
-Communications: Un
-Computer Interface: Un ability to remotely link to other computers to retrieve and send data.


Talents: Computers

Contacts: Iron Man/Tony Stark, Force Works