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Grey Gargoyle

Parisian pharmaceutical chemist Paul Duval accidentally spilled a potion containing an unknown contaminate upon his right hand. To his dismay and astonishment Duval's right hand began to turn to stone, although it was still capable of movement. When he touched his other hand, he discovered he could transform his entire body into the stone-like substance. He further discovered he could effect any substance in the same matter, but unlike himself the substances were rendered immobile. A mercenary by nature, Duval decided to exploit his bizarre abilities for personal gain as a the Grey Gargoyle.

Iron Man encounters Grey Gargoyle in Paris and discovers that he has lifted one of the Hammers of the Worthy which transformed him into Mokk: Breaker of Faith (one of the Serpent's Worthy). Mokk was the one who had turned the population to stone and eventually kills the survivors and batters Iron Man unconscious. Upon waking up, Iron Man realizes that the ensuing battle between Mokk and himself resulted in the destruction of thousands of "statues."[24] Iron Man feels more and more queasy as he struggles to accept that these are real people, not just statues. He later suggests to Pepper Potts that he reckons that Gargoyle managed to wipe out the entire population of Paris.

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Grey Gargoyle