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Charles Xavier/Erik Lensherr/Franklin Richards

F) Rm30
A) Rm30
S) Un100
E) CL1000
R) Un100
I) Sh-Y200
P) CL1000

Health: 1160 Karma: 46
Resources: In Pop: -20

Known Powers:
Mental Powers: Onslaught posseses all of Xavier's mental powers at Sh-Z rank, this includes the following:
-Mind Blast
-Mental Probe
-Mental Invisibility
-Mind Control
-Power/Psionic Detection.
Astral Travel: Onslaught can enter the astral plane at will and can force people with him with CL1000 ability. By doing this he can take his material body with him.
Psionic Armor: Mn protection vs. all attacks, Sh-X vs. mental.
Flight: Un
Reality Alteration: Cl1000, with Franklin Richards inside him, Onslaught has also access to Franklin's Powers this gives him reality alteration.
Magnetic Control: Sh-X
Electromagnetic Pulse: probably as a part of Magneto's powers Onslaught was able to send an EM-Pulse of Sh-X intensity over the whole of New York. This shorted out all sorts of electrical equipment and did Un damage to all electronically based heroes (like Iron Man and Vision)
Internal Dimension: Onslaughts interior is a pocket dimension which exists partly on the astral plane and partly on the material plane. It's a Sh-Z prison and Onslaught can use the powers of those trapped inside at their fullest potential.
Onslaught probably has a few more yet undefined powers at ranks from Mn to CL1000.

Talents: all Scientific and Mental skills

Contacts: The Heralds of Onslaught