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F) Un100/Rm30
A) Rm30/Gd10
S) Sh-X150/Un100
E) Sh-X150/Un100
R) Pr4
I) Ty6
P) Rm30

Health: 430/240 Karma: 40
Resources: Fe Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Avatar of Nul: While wielding the Hammer of Nul, Hulk gains the following abilities:
-Alter Ego: The stats change as shown above
-Invulnerability: Un protection vs. Physical, Energy, Heat, Cold, Radiation, Toxins, Aging and Disease
-Slowed Aging: Un immunity to the ravaging effects of time. Nul only physically ages one year for every 100 years. He will age, just very slowly.
-Self-Sustenance: Nul doesn't need to breathe, she can survive in the vacuum of space
-Illusion Detection: +1CS intuition
Gamma Physiology: The Hulk's very body was formed by Gamma Radiation. It gives his very body the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Mn protection vs. Physical, Am protection vs. Energy
-Invulnerable to Cold, Heat, Fire, Radiation and Disease: CL1000
-Leaping: CL1000, 40 areas
-Regeneration: Am, 5 points/round
-Recovery: Un
-Adrenalin Surge: In every round of combat with the same opponent the Hulk's Fighting and Strength will, when he gets mad, increase by +1cs to a maximum of Sh-X
-Alter Ego: The Hulk's other form is Bruce Banner. Conditions that have triggered his transformation have included dawn, extreme anger, exhaustion and being brought under 0 Health. Hulk's health is independent of Banner's health. The only exception would be the death of one of the other forms.

Hammer of Nul: CL3000 material, The Hammer of Nul seems similar to Mjolnir in some respects. It gives Nul the following abilities:
-Nul's Fighting is Sh-Y and she inflicts Un damage. The Hammer of Nul can be thrown up to 10 areas.
-Automatic Return
-Worthiness: The Hammer is inscribed with runes that translate as "And he who shall be worthy will wield the Hammer of Nul."
-Transformation: When the Hulk lifted the Hammer, he was transformed into Nul.
-Force Projection: Mn Energy, 10 areas
-Dimensional Travel: Ty
-Flight: Am

Talents: Weapon Specialist: (Hammer of Nul)

Contacts: The Worthy