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The Nextwave Squad was created by General Dirk Anger the Director of H.A.T.E. (Highest Anti-Terrorism Effort) as an elite anti-terrorism team. The team leader is Monica Rambeau, a former Avenger, a status which she constantly brags about.

But the Nextwave squad found out that H.A.T.E. was getting itís funding from the Beyond Corporation which is actually the S.I.L.E.N.T. terrorist cell, their direct enemies.

For this reason they stole an experimental aircraft: The Shockwave Rider and left. This highly experimental aircraft is inexhaustibly powered by the classified Zero Point Squirt drive, containing five tesseract zones.

And so they rebelled and went on to battle the Beyond Corporation, and their U.W.M.D's (Unusual Weapons of Mass Destruction) that have been hidden all over America. Their first enemy was Fin Fang Foom a giant green lizard, who was unable to find a mate. Because of this he started to destroy the city of Abcess, North Dakota. The Nextwave team sent Aaron Stack inside this crazed lizard, because it's hide was to strong to crack even by somebody as powerful as Monica Rambeau. From the inside Aaron Stack easily killed this hideous creature, thus The Nextwave Squad defeated this threat.

The next U.W.M.D. was in Sink City, Illinois, the Ultra Samurai Seed infected a dirty policeman named Officer Mac Mangel who was a week from retiring. This U.W.M.D. transformed it's host into a giant metal eating Samurai Robot, the more metal it ate the more mass and size it gained. Tabitha destroyed this villain with her talent to make things explode. Officer Mangel was released from inside the robot shell and got what was coming to him from the people he had been using for so many years.

Machine Man
Elsa Bloodstone
The Captain