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Hollywood stuntman Quentin Beck had mastered every challenge his field could offer and grew bored with his backstage role. Looking to make a name for himself Beck studied the fledgling crimefighter Spider-Man and made his public appearance as Mysterio. After being incarcerated at Ravencroft Psychiatric Hospital, Beck was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer as a result of the chemicals he had used over the years. Desiring one last challenge before his death he tormented one time foe Daredevil, and ended his life via suicide.

Long before his death Beck trained his cousin Maguire Beck and another stuntman named Dan Berkhart. When Beck had faked his death at one point; Berkhart was hired by Daily Bugle publisher J. J. Jameson to impersonate the ghost of Mysterio. After Berkhart was incarcerated he and Maguire Beck turned their vengeance against Jameson by both donning the identity of Jack O'Lantern, but Berkhart abandoned the identity and returned to the role of Mysterio.

More recently, a teleporting mutant named Francis Klum was seen purchasing Mysterio's costume from The Kingpin, swearing revenge on Spider-Man, making him the first Mysterio to have actual powers instead of using illusions.

Klum plots to destroy the recently unmasked Spider-Man in revenge. Enacting his plot by turning the school Peter Parker worked in into a 'haunted house', Klum fills it with hauntings and death-traps, including luring the children away from Peter's protection. To prevent interference, Klum cordons off the school with a barrier of toxic smoke, which only served as a beacon to Daniel Berkhart, who recognized the trick and was incensed that someone was stealing his Mysterio act. Penetrating the barrier, Berkhart prepares to team up with Spider-Man in order to defeat Klum.

Before the fight began, however, Klum had already encountered a third man in a more radical, purple and red Mysterio costume. Lecturing Klum on the aspects of showmanship, he eventually removes his helmet to reveal that he was apparently Quentin Beck, back from the dead, still with half of his head missing. The full nature of this alleged resurrection has yet to be revealed.

Current Versions:
Mysterio I

Former Versions:
Mysterio II
Mysterio III