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Molecule Man

Molecule Man

Owen Reece

F) Fe2
A) Pr4
S) Pr4
E) Gd10
R) Gd10
I) Fe2
P) Mn75

Health: 20 Karma: 87
Resources: Ex Pop: 1

Known Powers:
Molecular Control: CL1000, and can even affect Thor's Hammer and Captain America's Shield. Molecule Man can perform the following power stunts:
-Elemental Conversion: Un
-Molecular Conversion: Mn
-Matter Animation: Mn
-Molding: Mn
-Disruption: CL3000
-Semi-Omniscience: From his control of molecules, Owen Reece is somewhat in touch with the universe. He notices displaced molecules to detect invisible, out of-phase, or extra-dimensional creatures, as well as molecules (and individuals) under the control of others automatically.
Power Boost: Given Owen's ability over molecules, he may modify the abilities of himself of others by rearranging available molecules. He may raise any of ths abilities to CL1000, or another person's up to Un in this manner.
Serial Immortality: Mn


Except for Serial Immortality, none of his powers can affect living targets.

Talents: None

Contacts: None