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Mogul of the Mystic Mountain

Mogul of the Mystic Mountain

F) Am50
A) Ex20
S) Am50
E) Am50
R) Ex20
I) Rm30
P) Mn75

Health: 170 Karma: 125
Resources: Ex Pop: -25

Known Powers:
Asgardian Physiology: The Mogul of the Mystic Mountain is an Asgardian, whose very body gives him the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Gd protection vs. Physical and Energy
-Resistance to Diseases: Un
-Slowed Aging: He ages 1 year for every 100. He may be killed normally.
Magic: Mogul of the Mystic Mountain is a Master level sorcerer capable of Am ability spell-casting of Person, Universal and Dimensional energies.
-Teleport: Rm
-Matter Rearrangement: In
-Conjuring: Am ability to summon his minions to his side

Body Armor: Am material, Ex protection vs. Physical and Energy
Sword: CL1000 material, Un Edge, the sword is capable of the following power stunts:
-Transformation: The sword can transform into a python of Mn Strength for grappling and Rm poisonous bite.
Viewing Crystals: Un material, grants Gd Remote Sensing (Sight and Hearing)
Flying Carpet: Mn material, Gd Flight
Spotted Plague Potion: This potion inflicts a Sh-X plague on Asgardians. Symptoms include a rash, then vomiting, followed by spots and then death.

Talents: Mystic Origin, Occult Lore, Demonology, Leadership, Edged Weapons, Thrown Weapons, Asgard Trivia, History and Lore

Contacts: Abu Daki, Demon-Riders, Jinni Devil, Mutaurus, Ogur the One-Eyed, Sulibeg, Shezada