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Armory of Moon Knight

Although he has mastered almost every weapon ever invented, Moon Knight displays an obvious fondness for certain moon-themed objects referred to as his toys. These include throwing darts, nunchaku, and a truncheon.


Crescent-Darts: These moon-crescent shaped throwing darts, made of a silver alloy, can be thrown up to 3 areas, and inflict Gd Edge
-On a called shot, Moon Knight can pin someone to the wall with these darts. ("Bullseye" Yellow)
-Some have been modified with explosives, capable of detonating on impact with Rm Force to 1 area
Crescent Hook and Line: These wrist mounted devices allow him to travel at 3 areas/round, fire Rm material lines and has an Ex reel Strength


Truncheon: Made of a silver alloy, this Am material fighting baton can be wielded by Moon Knight to cause Rm Blunt
-Grappling Hook: It also contains a grapple and hook, allowing climbing or swinging at a 3 area/round rate.
-Weapon Conversion: It can be converted into either a pair of Nunchaku's or a quarterstaff. (Damage remains the same)


Ankh: Glows in the presence of danger giving Moon Knight the equivalent of Mn Danger Sense, can be thrown for Gd Thrown Blunt


Bola: Can be thrown up to 3 areas to do Ty Blunt or inflicts Gd Grappling

Ivory Boomerang

Ivory Boomerang: Has a range of 3 areas when thrown. It is capable of inflicting Ex Blunt and returns to the thrower


Lasso: Maximum range is 1 area to cause Gd damage or Ex Grappling. Moon Knight can also use it as a grapple, enabling him to climb walls at a rate of 2 stories per turn.

Throwing Irons

Throwing Irons: These can be used at a range of 5 areas to inflict Good Blunt


Scarab-Darts: These scarab-shaped throwing darts, made of a bronze alloy, can be thrown up to 3 areas, and inflict Gd Thrown Edge
-On a called shot, Moon Knight can pin someone to the wall with these darts. ("Bullseye" Yellow)

Folding Short Swords

Folding Short Swords: Made of steel, these Am material swords are capable of folding and stretching to a range of 1 area. They do Rm Edge

Scarab Drones

Scarab Drones: Gd material, small (the size of a deck of cards) drones that provide Moon Knight remote audio and video of the scarab’s location. All this is archived by his computer systems, allowing for remote broadcasting to other sources and personnel. They have a 10 area range (from deployment) and can last up to 4 hours

Mystic Armor

Mystic Armor: Moon Knight has acquired many antiquities over his career. One is a suit of bone that gives him the following abilities:
-Protection from the Supernatural: It provides Moon Knight Ex protection from supernatural attacks, such as attacks from ghosts and other supernatural creatures.
-Bone-Knuckles: These “brass-knuckles”-type weapons are made of bone, and give him the ability to damage supernatural creatures, such as ghosts. They cause In Blunt to supernatural creatures, but only Gd to physical and non-supernatural creatures, with a 10% chance of breaking with each strike.