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Taunted by schoolmates and emotionally abandoned by her father after her mother was convicted and jailed for robbery, Melissa Joan Gold ran away from home, adopting her mother's maiden name as an alias.

Little is known of her life until she was convicted for having stolen goods in her residence, items which had actually been stolen by her boyfriend. While in prison she met Marian Pouncy, who after their sentence was served would offer Gold a position on the women's wresting team the Grapplers as Screaming Mimi. The Grapplers were a group of female wrestlers with enhanced physical abilities. After two of the Grapplers were murdered by the vigilante known as Scourge, Gold would join the Masters of Evil under the command of Baron Zemo.

After the Masters of Evil infamous attack upon Avenger's Mansion, Gold would partner with one time social activist Angar the Screamer. When Angar was shot and killed during a daylight bank robbery, Gold screamed in pain until her larynx was destroyed. Sometime later, Baron Zemo would offered her a place in his Masters of Evil posing as the superhero team the Thunderbolts under the code name of Songbird.

Current Version:

Former Version:
Screaming Mimi
Songbird (Original Version)