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Brendon Doyle

F) In40
A) Ex20
S) In40
E) In40
R) Gd10
I) Ex20
P) Ty6

Health: 140 Karma: 36
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:

Mauler Armor: The Mauler Armor gives Brendon the following abilities:
-Body Armor: Rm protection vs. Physical, In protection vs. Energy
-Laser Cannon: Mn Energy, 15 areas
-Electrical Touch: The Maulerís left gauntlet is charged with an Am Electrical shock
-Flight: Am airspeed (25 areas/round)
-Life Support: The Mauler can survive for up to 3.5 days in hostile environments without penalties.

Talents: Military, Guns

Contacts: None