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Marianne Rodgers

Marianne Rodgers

F) Ty6
A) Ty6
S) Ty6
E) Gd10
R) Ty6
I) Ty6
P) Gd10

Health: 28 Karma: 22
Resources: Gd Pop: 0

Known Powers:
Telepathy: Rm, Marianne can perform the following power stunts:
-Mind Probe: Gd
-Mind Blast: Ex
-Hallucinations: Gd
-Mind Link: Gd
Telekinesis: Gd, capable of the following power stunts:
-Teleportation: Pr
Precognition: Gd


Mental Illness: Marianne suffers from an undefined mental illness that caused her to lapse into a breakdown, if she is placed into a highly stressful situation, she must make a Red Psyche FEAT to avoid collapsing or having to be re-institutionalized once more.

Talents: Computers

Contacts: None