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The Kree

The Kree race originated on the planet Hala, Pama system, Greater Magellanic Cloud. Outwardly humanoid in appearance (save for the dominant race's blue skin), the Kree are adapted to the harsh environment of their home planet. Hala's atmosphere has a higher nitrogen content than that of Earth; consequently, Kree visiting Earth must wear a special breathing apparatus. Hala also has a much stronger gravitational force; therefore, the Kree have dense bodies that give them about twice a human being's strength and endurance. There are two races of Kree, the socially-dominant blue-skinned and the socialiy-inferior pink-skinned. Although the only difference between the two races is their skin color, Kree society suffers a fair amount of racial prejudice.

About 10 million years ago, the then-benevolent Skrulls landed on the planet Hala. They intended to help the natives advance socially and technologically, so the Halans could join the vast network of free-trading civilizations the Skrull called an empire. However, Hala boasted two equally intelligent lifeforms, the Kree and a race of sentient plants known as the Cotati. In order to determine which race would represent Hala in the empire, the Skrulls proposed a contest.

They took an equal number of Cotati and Kree to a distant planetoid (Earth's moon). After creating an artificial atmosphere, the Skrulls bid the two groups to use their resources to create something of worth on the barren world. The Kree constructed a magnificent industrial city, while the Cotati grew an equally magnificent garden.

When the Skrulls returned a year later, they judged the Cotati achievement worthier. The enraged Kree leader incited his fellows to slay all Skrulls and Cotati on the planetoid, then seized the Skrullian starship. Within two generations, they mastered interstellar technology and launched an attack on the Skrullian empire. Thus began the empire-building war that has raged for millions of years between the two races. The Kree empire is a militaristic dictatorship led by an organic computer construct called Supremor (for Supreme Intelligence). It is aided by the preserved brains of the Kree's greatest intelligences, and a number of imperial administrators. Kree worlds are ruled by imperial governors and watched by powerful automatons called Sentries.

The Kree have long known of Earth's genetic potential and strategic location. This has led to several contacts between Earthmen and Kree agents. The most notable was the prehistoric attempt by Kree scientists to breed a race of super-warriors (resulting in the inhuman race). After the super-warrior plan was abandoned, Supremor decided to use the human genetic potential to revitalize the Kree genetic pool. (The Kree had long ago reached the endpoint of their natural evolution.) He bonded a human to a Kree, but the result proved less than satisfactory.

Over the years, Supremor has faced several challenges to his position. Although he has survived each attempt to depose him, his own experiments may have brought an end to his rule. In an attempt to revitalize his own mental potential, for the first time, Supremor recently absorbed the minds of some of the pink-skinned Kree. However, the racial hatred between the blue-skinned minds and the new pink-skinned minds was so great that he needed a Soul-Gem to force a peaceful coexistence.

Through a complicated series of events, Supremor recently tried to absorb the Silver Surfer. During his escape, the Silver Surfer stole the Soul-Gem. Supremor quickly went insane, and the Kree Empire fell into anarchy.

In this turbulent period a woman named Nenora became supreme ruler of the Kree. It was not until Silver Surfer and S'Byll, current empress of the Skrulls, exposed her that the Kree found out that Nenora was a Skrull working on her own. They offered S'Byll a truce that would allow the two races to regain their strength. In the meantime a pink and a blue-skinned Kree, Dar-Benn and Ael-Dan, assumed the positions of supreme rulers of the Kree. What they didn't know was that the Supreme Intelligence had regained his senses and was contemplating a grand plan. Because the Kree were at an evolutionary dead-end the Supreme Intelligence formulated a plan to plunge the Kree in a great war with the Shi'ar empire. He used the help of the Skrulls and manipulated the events so that the Shi'ar would detonate a bomb that would kill most of the Kree population and allow them to evolve anew. His plan succeeded and he even was able to manipulate a few Avengers to "kill" him only to be recued unknowingly to everybody else by his helpers. The Shi'ar have now claimed the entire Kree empire and Lilandra's sister Deathbird now rules Hala with the Kree Starforce as her imperial guard.

Known Members of the Kree:
Supreme Intelligence
Ronan the Accuser
Korath the Pursuer
Captain Atlas
Doctor Minerva
Admiral Galen-Kor
Captain Chan-Dar

The Kree:
Kree Soldiers
The Kree Sentries